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Salutations Publr friends and fiends,

We often receive printer samples of books that end up collecting dust on shelves. These are blank, perfect bound books that inspire and intimidate, but I still love them. I’m not sure if anyone else has the same fascination and love of blank books I do, but if you do – I HAVE GOOD NEWS! I’m giving away these three beautiful bound blanks books.

There are three books, pictured above:

- 9”x10” Hard Cover, text gloss interior pages (aprox. 80 – 120 pages)

-  9.5” x 7.5” Paperback, text gloss interior pages (aprox. 75 – 100 pages)

 -  5.25” x 4.25” paperback, matte interior pages (aprox. 150 – 200 pages)

Rules are simple:

You must like books. Any form. I’d love to hear about the books you love, your love of books, or books in general!

Reblogs are your entry!

Reblogs count up to 3 times!

No giveaway blogs please, but sharing is caring!

Three winners: The first person chosen gets to pick which one they want, I will number two their preference of the remaining and the third person gets left overs!

You must have an open ask box so I can request your information and be willing to share an address with me where I can ship.

I’ll be running this through October 14th – because Tuesdays need more spice to them.

Let the games begin!

Wow over 500 notes!! Should I add a few more books to the pile?

Adding a couple more books to the pile - and a couple more winners.

15 More days!

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Publishing’s Holding Pattern: 2014 Salary Survey


Not only do #WeNeedDiverseBooks, We Need Diverse Publishers to get these books out there. PW’s stats confirm that diversity in the publishing industry is quite low.


While it’s no surprise that the publishing sector is overwhelmingly white, the lack of diversity is a bit eye-opening: of the 630 respondents who identified their race, 89% described themselves as white/Caucasian, with 3% selecting Asian and another 3% indicating Hispanic. Only 1% said they are African-American.”

Yeah, we’ll be discussing these stats in episode 3 with Ivan Lett this week. We’re not surprised, sadly. -JB